The year that was

It’s been slightly more than a year since we conceptualized kwippy and wrote the first lines of code. A lot has changed in the last year, changed for good. From a mere idea in head to a full blown stable product with thousands of users from all across the globe, Kwippy has grown a lot. From alpha mode with few close friends and family members as users(and testers) to the current beta mode its been a challenging and exciting long journey. I would like to take a moment here to thank everyone whose been a part of  this journey for their love, support, care and criticism, without which it wouldn’t have been possible. As we’ve mentioned numerous times before Kwippy is what it is because of the awesome Kwippy community. It’s been an absolute delight being part of this lovely community and I would love to see it grow without loosing its warmth and affection.

Here are some interesting usage stats for the year 2008

Top 10 users by Comments
Commenting implies not only listening to what others are saying but also exchanging your views.

Username(comment count)
1)  robin (1547)
2)  allen (721)
3)  thepete (448)
4)  chachafance (418)
5)  xhan (320)
6)  lockerhaxor (304)
7)  azeez541 (289)
8)  lingojot (285)
9)  nikitascene (281)
10) chupchap (246)

Top 10 users by comment/kwip ratio
Comment/kwip is an important ratio, it not only signifies that you listen more than you speak, it also implies you participate a lot in discussions and engage with others.

Username(comment/kwip ratio)
1)  allen (4.54)
2)  Zrinka (2.34)
3)  kestrachern (2.27)
4)  samantha (2.09)
5)  Majento (1.96)
6)  azeez541 (1.83)
7)  nikitascene (1.82)
8)  robin (1.34)
9)  chupchap (1.25)
10) JegErPhil (1.19)

Top 10 users with most comments on their kwips
More comments on kwips imply good content or good network :)

Username (comment count)
1)  robin (906)
2)  xhan (444)
3)  thepete (397)
4)  kestrachern (393)
5)  allen (315)
6)  Chachafance (314)
7)  chupchap (219)
8)  drdollars (194)
9)  Zrinka (180)
10) Markdavidson (142)

Top 10 users with most bookmarks on their kwips
Number of bookmarks also signify that either the original content was good and/or the discussion that followed was good.

Username (bookmark  count)
1)  lockerhaxor (38)
2)  kaushalchandak (34)
3)  allen (29)
4)  robin (28)
5)  nikitascene (22)
6)  prachi (19)
7)  thepete (16)
8)  drdollars (16)
9)  azeez541 (15)
10) kestrachern (15)

These stats will give you a better idea of how you use kwippy, whether you just talk or you listen and talk. Also, you get to see how others are using kwippy. For detailed usage stats go here and checkout stats
If you would like to see more or different stats please let us know and we’ll be happy to share them.

The Year of the Kwippy

This is a guest post written by Katrina, popularly known on kwippy and rest of the web as nikitascene.

As yet another holiday season draws to a close, we bid farewell to the year 2008 and we gather our thoughts and resolutions for the New Year; a year destined for unparalleled success and abundance of the heavenly kind. The march of questions parades throughout our minds as we contemplate our past and build towards a brighter future. Was I as good a person as I could have been? Was I kind, gentle, and thoughtful? Did I make a difference in my world? Did I kwip enough?

As you assemble round your friends and family this New Years Eve, take a moment to raise your glass of bubbly to 2009 and declare it, The Year of the Kwippy. People born in the Year of the Kwippy are exuberant, energetic, quick to share, wildly entertaining and kind. They are also truthful, insightful, brave and forthright when the time calls for honesty, quiet and attentive when the time calls for listening. And they rouse cyber conversations of the utmost inspired kind. Kwippy people are considered the most warm-hearted and welcoming of any in the social networking zodiac. They posses neither self-righteousness in the name of spam nor do they self-promote with unabashed shame. They keep their flowery speeches to a minimum and tend to be warm and inviting, which gives them a charming advantage over other social networks. They are compatible with Rats, Snakes, Monkeys, and Roosters and just about anyone who wants to share in the awesomeness that is the Kwippy community.

The name Kwippy springs forth from the English word quip, which is a small taunt, a jest, or a gibe. With a little over six months as a Kwippy community member, I can proudly say that even the smallest of kwips has brought the largest of smiles to my day. I was given excellent advice when I asked, “What is one thing I should “do, try, or taste” before 2009?” I have been invited to extremely helpful conversation streams such as “What do you use to keep all your stuff organized?” And there’s always the Kwippy Question of the Day to keep us all engaged and getting to know one another. I keep coming back for more, so I must be a glutton for big toothy grins, helpful tips and insights into the souls of the Kwippy community.

Don’t let another year pass you by wrought with too many, “I should have” or “If only I would have? Make a difference in the world one kwip at a time. Celebrate 2009 as The Year of the Kwippy!!!

Kwippy Fan Blog

Hi Kwippers,

This post is to share with you all that kwippy now has a Fan Blog. Kwippyluvrs as it’s called is in existence for a couple of months now. Set up by our super active user robin luvrs already has a few contributors and some very interesting and nice posts about kwippy and everything about it. Things have started to heat up at luvrs and if you too like what we are doing then you should stay tuned to luvrs. If you’ve got a story to tell, want to offer some advice or help in any other way then you can contact robin and get started.

You can also get updates on latest post of the kwippyluvrs blog on your gtalk by following this and turning on the IM notifications.

Happy Kwipping !!

Happy Thanksgiving would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all its users!turkey and football!

In the United States there are two traditions on this day,eating turkey and watching football (that’s American football mind you the one that’s kinda like rugby with armour..)on the television.

Rest assured that all of us at Kwippy will continue hard at work providing you the best service possible.
Why we recently upgraded the way that  conversation comments arrive in your email box (maybe you noticed ?) but more on that in a later blog.

So have a great and Happy Thanksgiving!


Lesser emails per conversation

We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from our users about the numerous notification emails that they get for comments on a particular thread. Things used to get particularly messy when you are a part of three-four hyperactive conversations. Lots of suggestions came and we realized that we can better this process of notifications by sending controlled messages. Keeping the problem and user feedback in mind we’ve made(and released) some changes to the notification process.

What it means ? 

You will get a notification after the first comment and then no additional notifications until you visit the kwip,  once you visit(or comment) on that thread again a singe email notification is sent on the next unread comment and so on.

These change is applicable to both notification emails and instant messages

We are sure you’ll love these change as it will reduce your task of managing notification emails in your inbox.

Let us know if you have suggestions/feedback about these change.

Happy Kwipping !!

Django : Optimizations within the platform

In my experience with both rails and django, i would have to admit that a lot of things need to be improved at the core of these platforms so that developers can truly deploy a really fast production site. Let talk about what we did at kwippy to make it that much more faster than the default Django setup.

  • Use memcached properly : The trick in getting speed is to cache all logged out pages and heavy caching of the user objects when logged in. For example we recently got our sessions into the memcached cloud to see a good speed jump.
  • Database structuring : Django does a lot of joins and magic in it ORM, and has a built in caching layer. But the problem is that we developers structure our tables to our percieved needs … not necessarily for the way the ORM works. One way is to start writing custom SQL inside your views, another is to understand the ORM better. Your choice :) .
  • Database connection pooling : It is pretty shocking to realize that Django does not do connection pooling, I have used DButils connection pooling for our needs. But IMHO it should be a default thing inside the application platform.
  • SMTP is slow : Imagine the user filling up a form which is emailed to you, and your SMTP is down. There is a good chance that you will lose that data and the application will give a 500 :) . To alleviate that i have created a command queue where emails are not sent within the application and a daemon is doing all the dirty work. I will put it all out in the market :) , so that you guys can make you site that much more faster/robust.
  • Pagination : To be honest, i still do not like django pagination. The problem was that it will getting all the objects and as the database is on a separate machine a lot of data was being transferred over the network. So i created my custom pagination which on the average is much faster than ObjectPaginator or Paginator.

Well there are all i could think of right now. Obviously there are some other optimizations that i keep doing …. and will keep writing about. Till the next time, feel free to contact me about these optimizations at

T for Track

With every new feature that gets added to our platform, the possibilities multiply. Something similar happened when we released RSS and Atom integration with kwippy.   The feature means that you can now integrate rss and atom feeds from your favorite blogs and websites and follow them on your gtalk. This (and love for our users) led us to the idea of implementing a “twitter-tracker”. Which means now you can track the twitterverse for keywords like “social media marketing” , “obama” or say your name on twitter via your gtalk.

For details read the post i wrote here

Let us know how you find this mashup and reply with the keywords you want to track

Nominate Kwippy for OWA ’08 !

Hi Guys,

If you like kwippy and what we are doing please nominate us for Mashable Open Web Awards. All you need to do is to just enter your email id in the form below and click the link in confirmation email that you’ll get. Come on guys show your support. Also, just drop a comment below if you vote.

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