Invite people from your addressbook and social networks

Hello Guys,

In a release we did few days back we’ve rolled out the extended Invite Functionality. Using the new invite feature you can not only invite people from your address book(yahoo, hotmail or gmail etc) to Kwippy but you can also invite friends from your favorite social networks like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, LinkedIn etc. So if you were waiting to invite your friends to join the action at kwippy, you can do so now in just a few clicks.

You can reach the invite page by clicking on the “Find and Invite” link from your kwips page.


From the invite page, you can choose the provider and enter your credentials. We won’t be saving your credentials and will just use them to send invites. On submitting your credentials you will be sent to the invite details page

Services Supported

You can choose people you want to invite and personalize the invite text. Personalizing the invite text is a simple and easy way of letting people know that it’s really you whose sent the invite and not a bot.

Invite details

Just give the feature and try and let us know what you think about it. Hope to see more of your friends on kwippy.

Happy Kwipping !!

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