Invite to conversation and the echo chamber

We all realize that we need to get out of the echo chamber, so what are YOU doing to help us get out of the echo chamber?

asks Chris Pirillo in a great post 10 ways to eliminate the echo chamber.

“Echo chamber” has come out as a prominent problem for users of social media sites especially the ones that focus on conversations.
What it essentially means is that inside a system the same link, post or message tends to get forwarded/spread at various levels which leads to people getting the same(almost) piece of information from multiple sources. This is not it, if the concerned service offers a platform for conversations this problem leads to another bigger problem, the problem of scattered conversations.

In an attempt to see how it all works I ran a search with a keyword “Chrome” on Friendfeed (Yes, I have an account).
As expected, in my network there were a few conversations ranging from 5 comments to 15 comments around two-three blog posts from prominent blogs . Therein lies the problem. Many people shared those links which led people seeing instances of the same links shared by multiple people(Echo Chamber) and islands of smallĀ  conversations all over the place around them (Scattered Conversations).

Clearly we did not wanted things to go in this direction and as Chris suggested we wanted to find a way out. So we picked up this kwip “I am still trying out Google Chrome. It is fast but lack of features is frustrating.” and invited people who were talking about chrome to join this conversation. Within minutes of sending invitations to this conversation comments started pouring and in a really short span of time the conversation had 50+ comments.

What it means: Invite to conversation feature could potentially bring down the echoes in kwippy if people instead of sharing the same piece of information in there networks start inviting their followers/friends to join a conversation around the original source. This will also led to reduction in scattered conversations about the same thing all over and could potentially have a better discussion around the original source because of greater participation.

Not only this you can always take home the RSS/Atom feeds for that conversation.

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