Making conversations Viral

Hello Kwippers,

Hope everyone’s back in action after the weekend break, we are back as well.

In today’s deployment we’ve released another cool feature that will take conversations to the next level.
We’ve released the “Invite people to join a conversation” feature.

Suppose you have a question that you want to ask to your kwippy network or say discuss a book you read recently or a movie you saw. Ideally you will kwip about it and hope/wait for others to read it and reply back, right ? But this doesn’t work every time as its a passive way to initiate a conversation. In real life you have more options, options to invite people to a conversation to share their opinions or simply because they’ll learn something from the healthy conversation.

As a part of kwippy’s ongoing effort “Giving people reasons to talk” which aims to offer a platform to have interesting/lasting conversations we’ve released the “Invite people to join a conversation” feature. Its a really powerful/viral feature that lets you invite people who are following you to initiate a conversation over a kwip or join an ongoing one. The process to do so is really simple, below every comment you’ll find a link titled “Invite more ppl”, clicking on which will get you a list of your followers, just select the one’s you think would be good to have for that conversation and press the “invite selected” button.

Say you invite some people, five of which join the conversation, they further invite people and say five people per person join the conversation, so in no time you’ll be sharing views of 30 people from different networks which earlier wouldn’t have been possible. Sounds good ? You bet it is :)

We’ve started collecting feedback for this feature, try using it and share your suggestions.

Also we now have an extras <> page which has kwippy logo’s of different sizes and a cute little “I <3 kwippy” badge which you can use for your site/blog. We’ll keep on adding more things to this page with time and if you too want to build a badge/widget for kwippy just let us know and we’ll add it to the extras page.

Lots more exciting stuff is in the pipeline for this week, so stay glued,keep sharing your feedback and spread the word :)

Happy Kwipping,

2 thoughts on “Making conversations Viral

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  2. Samrat Mitra

    why don’t u start a forum like concept. It will make u’r concept of communication rather stronger then invite people for communicate on particular issue .
    Because inviting people like only the followers or friends u have in the list limit u’r conversation to a particular group , while forum helps u in gathering more kwippy guys and share their views on a particular topics it rather helps u’r kwippy members to know more people in the group as well.


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