Nanoblogging, Microblogging or something else?

This post is in response to some people’s queries as to why there isn’t a character limit on posts. I would like to say that inspite of no character limit the average kwip has guess how many characters – 60 odd. The IM status itself from our experience is pithy, and very concise. And most of the kwips are status messages. But this is not the only reason why we don’t want to put in a too little character limit. Just because we think up of a number should not mean the user has to limit his post to that many characters.

The only downside to having big posts, is sometimes it takes a lot of space in the users followers page. The average kwippy user knows about this and hence doesn’t usually post anything big; doesn’t want to upset any follower :) . Anyway we are working out a graceful solution for this.

In short power to the user :P .

2 thoughts on “Nanoblogging, Microblogging or something else?

  1. Ramin

    I like that – Twitter is driving me crazy with their character limit. So, another vote to keeping it open :-)

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